What OurClients Say

“We ordered the Ony Mask for our office for 100 employees, this has been a great product and made everyone feel safe being back in the office”

“Great product for keeping our staff safe in work and also travelling to & from work”

“We have made the Ony Mask a part of our uniform during the pandemic and it’s been amazing!”

“Employee Health and Safety is a key concern during Covid-19, both on site and at home, the Ony Mask has had a really positive impact and not only settled our employees mind but also the companies”

“Before opening the office we wanted to ensure we keep staff safe and keep Covid-19 out of the office, this was a great mask to help ensure that”

“The first reusable mask we found for everyone across all of our sites UK wide that really gave us what we wanted, protection for employees and protection from the corona virus spreading around the company”

“We gave all of our 215 employees two Ony Masks each, so that if they need to wash one, they always have a backup and can ensure whether in the office or out of the house they are protected”

“Before opening up after the lockdown we wanted to make sure Covid-19 didn’t spread through the office, the Ony Mask has not only kept our office safe but also all employees who come into work on public transport, we’ve recommended that our team keep it on from the moment they leave home”

“Due to the nature of our business, keeping the 2 metre distance rule on sitehas proven difficult, the Ony Mask has had a huge influence on us and allowed our operations to get back to as close as normal as possible”

“We trialled Ony Mask in one of our offices, after a week of having it we rolled it out to all European offices, it’s been the ideal tool”

“I’ve searched everywhere for the right maskbefore opening the office after being closed for the lockdown, Ony Mask was the best product I found, it was reusable and washable which means we don’t have to keep searching for PPE every few weeks”

“Honestly I don’t think half our workforce would want to come in if we didn’t have the Ony Mask”

“Since restrictions eased up and we have been able to go back to the office, we have had all precautions set up for a safe return but couldn’t get PPE or masks anywhere. Ony mask was available & ended up being the better option as it’s reusable and our team can take them home to wash”