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If you are a Business or Organisation that is looking to buy a quantity of Ony Masks, we offerBusiness Rates prices for ordering in quantityand a tailored experience to match any specification required for the Ony Masks to fit into your Businesses day to day practice.

Alongside reduced prices and a tailored Ony Mask for Business experience, we also offer weekly and monthly delivery so that you do not need to spend hours sourcing and looking for a Face Mask that is suitable, safe and practical for your business.

Suitable industries and working environments that have found benefit in the Ony Mask range from: Office, Call Centre, Retail, Hospitality, Food, Manufacturing, Construction, Public Services, Travel and more.

Our clients have provided feedback on how Ony Mask has benefited their business, and these can be seen on our Testimonials page.

Ony Mask not only provides an excellent cost effective solution by slicing your costs by an average of 85% forface masksbut it also mean no more sourcing of equipment every few weeks, the Ony Mask can last 2 – 3 months dependant on use, so you can be assured that the task of protecting employee’s health is covered.

Additional to the cost effectiveness of Ony Mask, the additional protection layers means more protection for your team and a lower chance of infection in the workplace, compared to a standard disposable PPE mask.

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